Brake Roller Tests

Brake Roller Tests

Brake roller tests to DVSA MOT standard can be carried out at our Compton workshop.

The DVSA are now quite clear that they expect at least 4 tests a year for vehicles on an operator’s license. In fact the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness produced by the DVSA goes further…

“As per the annual test, every safety inspection must assess the braking performance¬†of the vehicle or trailer. It is strongly advised that a calibrated roller brake tester (RBT)¬†is used at each safety inspection to measure individual brake performance and overall¬†braking efficiencies for the vehicle or trailer to the annual test standards.”

Our brake roller testers are located outside of our workshop so that we can accommodate any height of vehicle.

We aim to turn each vehicle around within 15 minutes. So your driver should not be here too long when they come in for this compliance requirement.

Please call us on 01483 276608 to find out more information and up to date pricing.

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