LGV, HGV & PSV DVSA Safety Inspections

As part of your Operators License issued by VOSA, your LGV, HGV and PSV vehicles will be required to have regular safety inspections / PMI, at intervals according to it’s mileage and use.

Taylor Commercial Repairs Ltd offer an extremely competitive comprehensive check on your vehicles safety systems as required by VOSA.
Included is a full grease up of the vehicle and the body, a check and top up of all fluid and lubricant level, wheel nuts checked with a torque wrench, tyre pressures checked and adjusted and also setting of the brake slack adjusters. where required.

We will then issue a certificate notifying you of all items checked, any defects found and notes on what has been done to rectify those faults. Recorded with the date and the mileage.

When you have a full repair and maintenance agreement with us, then we can do all this for a highly competitive set fee which includes our travelling time. These are;

2 axle £68
3 axle £102
4 axle £136

Items checked are:

Ground Level Items

Road wheels and hubs, hub cap, bolts, nuts and studs.
Tyres, size, ply, rating and type, condition, tread wear, cuts and wall contact on twins.
Side-guards, rear under-run guards and bumper bars.
Spare wheel carrier, security. (if fitted)
Trailer drawing eye or hook, fifth wheel or auto coupling.
Condition of wings, spray suppression equipment.
Cab security. (Mountings)
Cab doors.
Cab floor and steps.
Body, square on chassis, security of fixing to chassis, twist locks, crane support legs.
Body, soundness, doors, hinges, drop sides, tail boards, tipping gear.
Mirrors, number and condition.
Rear and side markings and reflectors, position and condition.
Obligatory side lamps, end outline lamps, colour and functioning.
Rear lamps, rear fog lamps, position and functioning.
Rear and side reflectors, position and condition.
Direction indicators and hazard lamps, colour and functioning.
Headlamps, alignment, position and function.


Condition of chassis, deformation, cracks, corrosion, bolts, rivets.

Fuel Supply

Fuel tanks and pipes, mountings, security, leaks, filler cap.


Electrical wiring, condition, security, position, battery security, leaks.


Mechanical brake connections, wear, chafing, corrosion, back plate security.
Brake wheel units, security, leaks, corrosion of linings/pads.
Brake pipes, reservoirs, valves, connections, security leaks, adjustment of servos, tractor hose couplings, load sensing valve.


Springs, pins and bushes.
Suspension units, leaf and coil springs, air suspension, radius arms, torsion bars, bonded suspension units.
Attachment of suspension units.
Shock absorbers, security, leaks.


Axles, stub axles and wheel bearing, wear, fractures.
Steering linkage, wear, fracture, security, no fouling.
Steering box, smoothness of operation, security, wear, road wheels don’t foul.
Power steering-security, leaks, fractures-integral, effectiveness.

Cab Items

Seat belts. (if fitted)
Driving seat.
View to front, condition of glass windscreen/windows, height indicator.
Windscreen wiper, washers, pipes and blades.
Speedometer/Tachograph visibility and illumination.
Tachograph operation and seals for presence, condition and calibration date.
Audible warning/horn.
Driving controls.
Steering wheel free play, steering column.
Steering wheel, movement between steering column and wheel.
Speed limiter plate/plaque seals and correct operation.
Mechanical hand brake.
Service brake peddle.
Hand operated air/vacuum brake control. (inspection in cab)


Transmission shafts, flanges, bolts, bearings, wear.

Engine Mountings

Engine mountings, security, deterioration.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks from assemblies.


Exhaust and silencer emissions check.

With Engine Running

Emission of smoke

Air/vacuum warning and build up.

Service brake operation (inspection in cab) + ABS light.

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