LGV, HGV, PSV Servicing

We work with you to determine your service intervals for your LGV, HGV, PSV and commercial vehicles based on there mileage and use. For some this is at every inspection. Where as others will only get one before their MOT each year.

We use only filters that are supplied by the manufacturer or are to OEM specifications to ensure quality and reliability. We have access to a range of engine oils to suit your particular vehicles specification. Or can order in oil if your commercial vehicle needs a specialist one.

A service will typically include.

Oil change
Oil Filter(s) change
Fuel Filter(s) change
Air Filter change
Pollen Filter change (where fitted)
Spark Plug change (petrol vehicles)
All brakes checked and adjusted
All fluid levels checked and topped up (battery acid, gearbox oil, differential(s) oil, washer fluid, brake and clutch fluid levels.)

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